Psychic Business Coaching 

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Are you trying to attract clients to your psychic and healing business, but feel like you're getting nowhere? 


Are you feeling frustrated that you felt called to be a lightworker and a psychic - to help others with your gifts- but now you can't find clients to support your calling? 


Do you have a website that gets no traffic, want to blog but you don't know what to write about- and would love to create videos to promote your services but feel overwhelmed and confused about how to accomplish this? 



A Psychic Business Coaching Consultation with Sal Jade can help identify WHY your business may not be attracting the clients you need- and help you to improve your visibility and promotions so that you can be booked out for months in advance. 


These unique 90 minute sessions will be personalised for YOUR Business- and could include the following depending on your needs: 


  • Overview of your website to see what you need to change to bring in more traffic 
  • Ideas for blog posts drawn from your unique and specialised talents 
  • Brainstorming video content for Youtube, Online Courses or Udemy to promote your psychic business
  • Identifying any blockages you have to success and giving you the solutions to heal them yourself
  • Review of Facebook Business Page, Facebook offers and Facebook ads to see room for improvement 
  • Tips for promoting yourself that suits your individual personality and business- outside of social media
  • Reviews of any copy or advertising to see what you need to alter to bring in more clients
  • Brainstorming ideas for online courses to give you passive income in your business 


Take advantage Sal Jade's expertise from the last 9 years of running  a hugely successful Clairvoyant Healing Business with thousands of clients and and Online Psychic Coaching Business with nearly 10,000 online students.


Please note- not all of the above can be covered in 90 minute sessions- and some people may require an additional session - so it's important when booking your session to let Sal know what the 5 most important objectives you would like to accomplish 


COSTS: $260 US for your 90 Minute Coaching session. 

Additional Sessions; $200 US for 60 minutes



To book a Psychic Business Coaching Session with Sal - email : 


With the following information : 

Your Country and Time Zone 

Availability in the coming month 

your 5 most important objectives (see above list for inspiration- or just let Sal know what you are really struggling with and she can design your sessions) 




On a limited budget and can't afford a private coaching session? 


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