Are you a healer, psychic or coach and would love to discover how to build your brand and earn passive income by selling your online courses on Udemy? 

Udemy is the biggest online educational platform in the world with over 17 million students and growing. 


I have sold over 10,000 of my psychic development and wellness therapy courses on Udemy in the past 3 years - and 5 of my 6 courses have reached Bestseller status. 


And I want to share with you EVERYTHING I have learnt over the past 3 years to help you earn passive income, build your brand and become a bestselling Udemy instructor. 


Debbie Hardy reached Bestseller status within 2 weeks of launching her Udemy course after completing my course! 


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I started creating my first course and I ran into several blocks along the way. I had the content but I was struggling with how to put the content together. Sal offered her course "How to be a Best Seller on Udemy Master Course"  at the right time I needed it!


I have taken several  other courses offered by Sal and I love her teaching style and passion for delivering a quality course so I knew her course would help me.


Sal's course is so thorough and filled with detailed information (information I had not even considered) that I was able to produce my own course.


Within two weeks of launching my new course, it was tagged by Udemy as a "Best Selling" course, and I must say all of Sal's guidance in her course helped me achieve that! Her "How to be a Best Seller on Udemy Master Course" I feel, really made the difference.


I would not have been able to do it nearly as effectively on my own. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to learn all the tips and tricks necessary to produce a bestselling quality course . Thank you so much Sal!


Debbie Hardie, November 2017


This Masterclass Program will help you: 


  • Earn passive income selling your courses on Udemy
  • Build your brand and create lead magnets for higher end courses and signature programs
  • Save time and loads of money by avoiding THE biggest mistakes on udemy (everything I wish someone had told me 3 years ago!)
  • Create content that you're passionate about and sells
  • Navigate the Udemy Platform: How to build and upload courses to Udemy
  • How to make Udemy work for you
  • How to get the most out of the payment structure
  • How to make Udemy videos and udemy promos on a budget 
  • How to use your Udemy courses to create your own school and academy
  • Creating the perfect landing page to convert sales.
  • How to create engaging content that gets 5 star reviews 



This masterclass Also includes a unique Course Creation workbook to help you brainstorm your next course or to improve any existing courses you already have!

This signature Sal Jade program exclusive to The Psychic Healing Academy is only $97 US which includes: 


  • Lifetime access
  • 30 Day no risk guarantee 
  • Course Creation workbook 
  • Over 8 hours of powerful content to help you create and sell your online psychic and healing courses on Udemy 
  • Email support from Sal Jade 


If you are serious about creating online wellness, healing and psychic courses click below to find out how you can sign up for this unique program!