Have you been struggling with challenges which have felt impossible to solve?

Do you feel like you are stuck in the same old limiting patterns, and that your head is a mess because you can’t figure out how to improve your current circumstances?

In a Clairvoyant Healing session, Sal connects with your angels and spirit guides to help you identify what core patterns and beliefs have caused these challenges.

She then shifts them for you with the help of your guides, removing the old blockages which allows you to create more success in your finances, relationships, career and physical health.

A session can help remove old beliefs and karmic attachments to people or situations that are no longer serving you. Often we find we attract the same person or situation into our life- and feel unable to detach from the drama or chaos that this person or situation can incite. 

Occasionally during a session Sal can be guided to do a past-life regression- if this is the key to healing old unwanted issues and negative attachments. This is a safe process, guided and protected by the angels.

At the conclusion of each session Sal gives you a reading to offer insight about your next step forward

Costs: $225 US for up to 90 minutes.  (this is $275 Australian) 

Sessions are available via Skype or Phone.

Apologies, but due to Sal's teaching schedule and ongoing work with The Psychic Healing Academy she is unavailable for psychic readings and clairvoyant healings until 2019.



What results can I expect?

With  Clairvoyant Healing with Sal Jade you can expect to feel lighter, and more at peace with your own unique life journey. You may be feeling more empowered about your life, and ready to take back your power in areas of your life that you have previously felt challenged or exhausted by. Will Sal's help you will also be more aware of what your patterns are- and how to shift them. 

How many sessions do I need?

Everyone is unique and has a unique childhood, patterns and soul purpose so many sessions you need will depend on how many patterns and limiting beliefs needs shifting. Some people only need to ever see Sal once, and they receive the peace and clarity they need. Others see her once a month for more deeper healing- while some clients come once a year and find that is enough to shift any blockages and get them back on track. However please expect if you have multiple challenges; relationships, career, financial problems, family issues, then it's best to only deal with one challenge at a time, as the soul can only process one lesson at a time. Also, if you have experienced a trauma or upheaval in your childhood, you could need more sessions as there will be more to shift than just one or two patterns.  

When is the best time to come?

when you are ready to make big changes in your life. When you are feeling you don't have the strength to heal yourself and need some gentle angel nurturing to grow your wings. 

When should I avoid?

It's best to avoid any kind of healing session or psychic reading if you have just had a big shock. (in the past 24 hours) This includes break-ups, bereavements or job loss. Your energy will be fragmented and you may still be in shock. Allowing the dust to settle even for a day will make your energy more receptive to healing. 

Can I bring someone?

your energy is unique and therefore it is best not to bring anyone else in case Sal picks up on their story instead of yours. Also there could be deeply personal issues that come through in a session that you will be more open to healing if you are alone. 

Can I record?

Absolutely. Sal will usually take notes for you on the most important points as well as any suggestions for you post-session but you are very welcome to record the session. 

Is there a difference between in person and Skype or phone?

Your energy is beautiful, fluid and part of you- so there is no difference in the power of a healing or a reading if it's done in person or via Skye. The angels will heal no matter what the medium. However, the one advantage to being 'in person' is that you won't be distracted by external influences (dogs barking, child crying, someone in your house needing you, computer, Facebook etc) however if your home environment is quiet and without others in the house, your healing and reading will be just as effective as in person.