The Secrets of Detaching from Drama

Do you often find yourself caught up in chaotic situations that are not of your making?

Do you find yourself easily sucked in to other people’s dramas, and get so distracted coming up with solutions that your own needs and goals suffer from neglect?


Today’s blog is all about how to distance yourself from people and situations that are causing chaos in your life that stem from other people’s patterns and behavior.


This is such a huge issue for healers, psychics and those of us who are empathic and extra sensitive as we so easily absorb the chaos and frenetic energy of others, we can find it really difficult to stay clear and focused and put seemingly chaotic situations into perspective by distancing ourselves.



We can often feel quite grounded and positive on our own journey, then someone close to us has a huge crisis, and we suddenly get sucked into a quagmire of drama, that leaves us feeling exhausted, drained and like we’ve survived a train wreck.


We can find ourselves reliving conversations in our head, coming up with well-meaning suggestions to help out in the crisis, formulating creative solutions at 3am that will fix the issue and TO RESCUE.


Sound familiar?


As healers and intuitives, it is our natural gift and birthright to heal others- therefore when someone around us is experiencing a challenge we can leap aboard their train, eager to help like some kind of new-age metaphysically- educated Superman.




So how can we avoid these types of situations where we take on other people’s problems and make them our own?


1)      Psychic Protection

Anyone who has ever done any of my courses knows that this is your NUMBER ONE most important little ritual to do daily if you are empathic.

Especially if you know you will be seeing, talking to, texting or connecting on Facebook with someone who is going through a difficult time, and there’s a lot of chaos around them.


 Understanding how crystals can protect you (black is best!) and what angel prayers to use to shield yourself is vital to help you stay grounded in your own energy- and prevent you from taking on someone else’s chaos and turning it into your own.





2)  Identify the crazymakers and know when to avoid them


Julia Cameron in her awesome book, The Artists Way describes how most artists have a ‘crazymaker friend or relative who can dominate their time and resources with the constant dramas that show up in their life.


This can really derail their artistic process and make it almost impossible to own their own gifts, because they are too busy solving the latest drama of their crazymaking friend.


For healers, intuitives and us sensitive folk, it can be exactly the same.

Our own spiritual journey can get so easily derailed by getting caught up in someone else’s crisis. And the amusing thing for crazymakers is the crisis never seem to end.


Just as one battle is resolved another huge life-shattering problem appears, inevitably involving lots of people taking advantage of and making our crazy makers life difficult, although most of the problems are usually of their own making.


I have a certain female relative who is constantly embroiled with battles with her family, her friends, the neighbors, the council, credit card companies, her employees – the list goes on.


Everyone time I interact with her there is another drama- and I can find myself wanting to rush out and help her- to save her from these tyrants that are out to ruin her.


I find myself waking up at 4am and ticking over solutions to her latest epic battle and getting so distracted I completely forget who I am and what I am supposed to be accomplishing on this planet.




Over the years, I have now developed an energetic wall- if I am tired or overworked- I don’t have contact with her.

 If I have a really important deadline I don’t engage in any conversations about her, less my energy gets dragged down to soap opera spats and intrigue.


So I strongly suggest: 1)  know who you’re crazymakers are, and 2) know when to avoid them.


 If you are feeling vulnerable or have an important goal to accomplish that is time-sensitive, ignore their phone calls.

Brutal I know- but it’s the only way to ensure you stay grounded and not distracted.


Chances are- most crazymakers tend to have more than one confidant and rescuer- so it won’t take them long to find someone else to take the call and help listen to their latest catastrophe.


3)      Constantly ask yourself what will I think about this in a years time?


This is one of the quickest ways for me to detach from drama- to put it in perspective.

Sometimes when I can feel I am being consumed by a problem that is not of my making, to take a step back and say to myself ‘In one years time I will not be thinking about this problem. In fact, I will probably be worrying about a completely different problem!


This kind of approach usually makes me burst out laughing (a positive result!)


It reminds me of the craziness of the human brain and how Eckhart Tolle is fond of pointing out- how we are all completely mad.


So when your mind is frenetic and consumed with a worry about a challenge you are facing, ask yourself that question, Will I be worrying about this in 1 years time?’


And if you can- give yourself a good belly chuckle.



So the next time you find yourself embroiled in a drama that you have no control over, where other people are picking up their swords and rushing about waving them fruitlessly in the air attracting more chaos and confusion to the picture, step back and don’t take it on.


It’s not yours. You don’t need it.


Big love and angel hugs,

Ps. If you would love to learn more about protecting yourself as an empath and a healer check out How to Be Psychic - Psychic Development for beginners in my Psychic Healing Academy