3 Tips to Psychically Protect Yourself in Crowds this Christmas

Do you ever feel really drained and exhausted after being in a crowd?

Do you find that when you were younger you loved going into bars or festivals, but now every time you enter a bar, shopping mall or any place with more than a few people, you become easily overwhelmed and irritable?

If this sounds like you then its highly possible you are an empath- and have highly intuitive abilities which means you are more susceptible to picking up on the anger, fears or frustrations of others.

So when you enter a crowd, and there are dozens of ‘others’ you are literally picking up on dozens, if not hundreds of potential energetic fears, frustrations and negative emotions.

During the Christmas period this can be even more overwhelming as we have so many social obligations – the eternal pressure of ‘we must catch up before Christmas’ (as if Christmas were the apocalypse and we will never see each other again if we don’t’ catch up before 25th December.)

And of course there are stockings to fill, so trips to crowded malls and shopping centres are also needed.

So how you can avoid becoming overwhelmed by crowds? 

There are three fabulous solutions that I love to employ to help prevent me from going off my rocker with all the chrissy crowds.

1)      Go and hide in a tepee in the woods and never see anyone again except animals and plants (and maybe the odd sensitive spiritual friend or family member who meditates regularly and knows how to clear their own chakras)


2)      Learn how to psychically protect yourself when you know you have to enter a crowd.



3)      Learn how to honour yourself so you don’t turn you into someone who has to go and hide in the tepee in the woods with the plants and animals to stay sane


Today’s blog post is going to focus on 2 and 3, because we are going to assume most of us might dream of tee-pee dwellings in rainforest but reality (and the need for a decent coffee) binds us to society.

(plus for those of you who live in the Northern Hemisphere, Christmas in a tee-pee could be a very chilly affair!)


3 easy ways to Psychically Protect Yourself Before Entering a Crowd this Christmas

1)      Wearing jewellery made of black tourmaline or smokey quartz. This way you can not only be protected from absorbing the negative energy or intentions of others- you can look also look pretty!

If jewellery isn’t your thing (or within the budget) grab a $5 tumblestone of the above or pyrite for the same effect.

2)      Visualise a huge energy shield made up of royal purple light enclosing you like a sphere. Take a deep breath and see you within that shield- protected and safe.

3)      Call in Archangel Michael to protect you before you enter the crowd. You can say ‘Michael, please protect me from any negative energy please. Thank you - it is done it is done it is done.

These 3 techniques will boost the protection around your auric field so that you don't absorb as much of everyone else's high drama, stress and fears.


The next way you can deal with crowds without walking away feeling exhausted and drained is to choose your timing.

If you are tired, or overworked, have been feeling stressed then simply choose not to go.

This is about honouring the fact that you are sensitive and you need to honour your well-being first.

I absolutely love having a cheeky bubbles at my favourite harbourside wharf bar with my girlfriends (particularly on hot summer days leading up to Christmas) but if I have been doing loads of healings and readings or had lots of pressure to finish a deadline for one of my psychic training courses, then I simply opt not to go.

It took me a long time to feel comfortable doing this- I used to feel so guilty, like I was letting them down!

But now I am completely ok with saying, sorry guys would love to come, but I am not feeling well.’

Short and simple. No detailed explanations required.

I found the more I was able to do this, the more I felt like I was loving and honouring myself.

And then when I wasn’t so tired I could catch up with them and much less chance of ending the night feeling exhausted and worn out.

Same with shopping malls. We all have to go- but if you really are burning the midnight oil, then try to wait until you feel like you’ve had a chance to rest before conquering the Everest of credit card accumulation otherwise known as Christmas shopping.

And while it might sound painfully obvious- try to pick the quiet times. First thing in the morning is when I usually go, just as the stores are open and the madness has yet to begin.

Also, one little cheeky tip- don’t feel afraid of walking away from someone at a party or Christmas event who is draining your energy by venting or just sucking up your good vibes.

If you’re sensitive, you’ll know why these naysayers and complainers are, and you are perfectly within your ‘love yourself’ rights to excuse yourself and disappear into the toilet.

I know some might say this is rude- to me it is honouring myself so I don’t arrive home drained and feeling like I need to avoid people for the rest of my life.

So this Christmas- if you really have to enter those big crowds- spend a couple of minutes ensuring you are psychically protected, and honour yourself enough to say no to those invitations that will leave you feeling like a tee-pee in some kind of Avator-like forest is the only way you can survive on this planet.

Big love and blessings

Sal Jade

Clairvoyant Healer & Psychic Development Coach