Psychic Protection - How to Protect Yourself When Giving Psychic Readings

One of the biggest mistakes I see beginner psychics do when they are starting to give readings is they forget to do Psychic Protection.

I even come across psychic development students who tell me they did a course to open up their intuitive gifts but there was nothing on how to protect yourself while giving readings!

All judgement aside, this makes me want to weep! I always describe it as like learning to sail but not knowing how to swim and forgetting to wearing a life jacket!

It's absolutely vital that when you are learning how to tap into your psychic gifts that you are totally protected.

If you know how to erect an energy shield you can keep dark entities out, and you will never take on anyone else's energy while you are giving a reading.

You can safely contact your guides and angels without letting in any nasty beings.

So what is Psychic Protection?

Psychic protection is the prayers, rituals and visualizations that we do to make sure that when we are connecting with spirit guides and angels without risk of attracting any dark energy or dark entities.

When you open up to the guides and angels you are creating a beautiful space to channel spiritual information that is meant to help you or anyone you are reading for heal and improve their lives. To make important decisions that will put you on the path of where you're meant to be now.

Unfortunately, this can also open up channels for dark entities to creep in uninvited and attach themselves to your light. This is really draining and can leave you feeling exhausted, confused and fearful.

Please don't be scared of this happening as you to start to open up your intuitive gifts- because if you are psychically protected, they can't get it! We wont let them!

What Can Happen if I don't Use Psychic Protection when Giving Readings? 

Another common consequence of not having psychic protection is that you can take on the energy of your client's problems. This is hugely draining and can leave you having the same fears and problems as your client.

This is because we are all energy. And if you spend too much time with someone who is in a negative space or going through a bad time, you will take on that energy.

I once had a gorgeous client who I worked with for years who had some really difficult problems with a sister-in-law.

One day I was flat out and forgot to protect myself and within days I had a really odd conflict with one of my sisters-in-laws.

That's how deeply connected we all are!

So please whenever you are attempting readings, give yourself some protection.

3 easy psychic protection techniques:

1) Smudge sticks

Protect your space and yourself before giving a reading with some white sage. I go into every corner of the room and 'banish' any dark entities.

Then I do myself- feet included!

After the reading I will do the same thing to ensure I am disconnected from my client's energy

2) Prayers


Any prayer will do- but a really simple one that I love is

Archangel Michael and Jesus, please surround me with millions of layers of pink unconditional light, millions of layers of golden Christ consciousness and millions of layers of Archangel Michael's blue protective shield.

Thank you, it is done, it is done, it is done

3) Visualization

You can visualize a beautiful shield of white light protecting you if you are reading for yourself.

If you are doing a reading for someone else I recommend a protective shield made up of pink light, then golden white light, then royal blue light.

I like to put myself in an egg with the royal blue light to seal it off.


These simple rituals can take just 1 minute to do and will give you the protection you need to give fantastic readings and be completely safe.

Enjoying playing with your intutive abilities in the safest and most protected of ways

Big blessings and Love,


If you would know more about how to protect yourself while giving psychic readings and connecting to your angels and spirit guides come and play with your magic with one of Sal's Psychic Courses by clicking here