3 Easy Ways to Choose a Tarot Deck

Are you learning how to read Tarot Cards but don't know how to pick a deck that will give you the most accurate Tarot Card Readings?

As a psychic development teacher I am frequently asked for Tarot recommendations.

There are dozens of Tarot Decks on the market, and while most decks average just under $20, some can go as high as $90. 

So it’s important to choose one that resonates with you and that will give you the most accurate Tarot Readings so you don't waste your time and money on a deck that you use once then gathers dust on your shelf.

For a beginning reader, it can be nerve-wracking enough trying to do psychic readings but If you are comfortable with the deck you buy, and are resonating with them, it will be much easier to give insightful and accurate Tarot readings for yourself and others.

This article will give you 3 easy ways to choose a Tarot Deck that is right for you.

1) When I Get That Feeling - Discovering the Tarot with Your Intuition

The first way to discover if a deck is right for you is to touch the cards and see what they ‘feel’ like.

Cards hold a vibration, and if the cards you are considering purchasing give you a warm feeling, Goosebumps or even if a voice in your head just says ‘Yes!’- Then this is the best deck for you.

I once opened a deck and pulled the cards out with no intention of buying them just to browse, and I had such a strong emotional reaction to them that I had to buy them straight away, I literally felt like I could not leave the shop without them.

To this day they remain one of my favourite decks to consult in times of trouble, and I often give them as a gift to my dear friends.

The easiest way to do this is you can close your eyes, take a breath and just tune in to what your card ‘feels,’ like you can sense whether a deck is going to be a friend or a foe.

But what if you don’t feel anything?

There could be two reasons for this.

Firstly, it might not be the right deck for you.

Our guides and angels don’t feel like we will benefit from something, and we are trying to ‘feel’ it’s vibration- then often we will just get nothing- a bit like dead air on a radio.

If this happens you can try another deck to see if you get a better response.

Secondly, sometimes we may lack confidence in our intuition, or simply be feeling tired, overwhelmed and have a lot going on. This makes it difficult for us to connect with our intuitive feelings so we may just feel nothing.

In this instance I would wait until you are feeling more energised and try again if you are in no rush to get started.

However, it you are keen to buy a deck- then you can try the following two methods and see if you have a better response.

Extra tip!

If you're not on a budget and don’t mind experimenting a bit and feel nothing when you try to feel a deck, unless you feel a resounding ‘NO!’ I would go ahead and purchase it- having multiple decks is always useful as you can learn so much from the similarities and the differences between Tarot Decks.

Unless they feel really icky you can always pass them on if you don’t end up using them if nothing else is jumping out at you and you’re really eager to buy a deck.


2) Find the Pretty Picture

This may seem like an odd tip, but if you can’t locate a shop that will let you open the decks to feel it, or you’re purchasing online, one easy way to discover if a deck is right for you is to google the pictures.

This is a fantastic way to see what the cards look like and see if you love the pictures.

If the visual aspects of a deck excite and delight you, you are much more likely to be passionate about doing readings with them, which will dramatically improve your readings.

All you need to do is go to google>images and type the name of the deck you are considering purchasing and the name of a card.

Since all Tarot decks are structured relatively the same you would only need to type any card name from Ace of Cups to 10 of Cups, Ace of Swords to 10 of Swords, Ace of Wands to 10 of Wands or the Ace of Pentacles to the Ten of Pentacles.

So for example you could choose a random sample of cards from a deck by typing in the deck’s name and adding Six of Swords or Nine of Cups etc.

Thoth Deck Six of Swords or

Psychic Tarot Deck Nine of Cups

Using this simple method you can see what images each card has without having to visit a store.


You will most likely get more powerful images from the Major Arcana cards as these tend to have the most visual detail.

Start with The Magician and The High Priestess. Then follow it with The Star and The Sun.

Are the images positive? Do you feel they ‘speak’ to you? Do you love them? Feel inspired by them?

Changes are if you’ve answered yes to any of the above, this deck could be for you.


But if the images seem bland or you are turned off them, you’re less likely to want to play with, which means you might not connect to them as strongly as you would like.

My first Tarot deck was given to me as a gift; the Crowley Deck the Thoth Deck.

While the images were stunning and intricate and I admired the artwork immensely, some of them felt so intense that eventually I stopped reading with them.

I became a bit too sensitive for them, and so I turned to the gentler angel oracle cards instead and it took me years to return to the Tarot.

Extra tip!

One sure way to ensure if the cards will be too graphic or intense for you is to type in the Death Card, the 3 of swords and the 9 of swords.

Traditionally these are more negative cards, and the way they are portrayed in images can give you significant clues about the kind of deck it is and the types of readings that are suitable for them.

For example if you compare the Psychic Tarot images with the Rider-Waite Deck for these cards you can see a huge difference!




Death looks a little forbidding here, but Transformation is seen more as a butterfly- soften transition.

3 of swords



3 of swords look a little ghastly, whereas this looks like a woman mourning but it’s not too frightening.



9 of swords


Her face is buried in her hands, black background whereas the Psychic tarot version- suffering is indicated but more looking out to the horizon – more transcendence suggested.


As you can see if you were a healer conducting more gentle readings, the psychic tarot would probably be the best deck for you- as the images are gentler.


3) The Value of Research

Finally, never underestimate the power of a little research in discovering the best deck to give you the most accurate readings for you.

Ask the shop assistant in the new age shop, ask your friends. But don’t just say ‘what deck do you like? Ask them ‘What do you like about them? Are they easy to give readings with? Do I need to do a lot of study or will a little bit of study be enough?

Facebook psychic groups are also a great place to find recommendations.

They are free to join (just type psychic in the Facebook search bar in dozens will come up) and there are thousands of members who can give you recommendations.

In the private Facebook group I have with my Tarot Card Success course, I had so many students requesting tarot deck recommendations that I created a free video for them with 8 different decks reviewed for levels of ability, pros and cons and other important factors when choosing the cards.

Extra Tip!


You can see this free video by clicking here if you wish to go some more serious research about your cards.





So ask online, ask your friends, shop assistants anyone you can about what decks they use and why to help you with your research.


Picking a tarot deck doesn’t have to be a complicated process.

You can rely on your intuition, feeling a deck out, and sensing how you feel emotionally when you touch a deck.

You can also explore the images online to see if you love them, and if you resonate with them.

And with just a few minutes research, a Facebook posting or watching a video like my free one can give you much more insight into why certain decks might suit you, and why others might not be your cup of tea.

By using these 3 tips you can get more clarity when picking your beloved new Tarot Deck!

Enjoying playing with your tarot magic,

Blessings and Love,


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