3 Easy Tips to Disconnect from Negative Clients

As a healer or psychic, one challenge that can be extremely confronting when giving psychic readings and healings for a living is how to disconnect from negative clients.


Often healers and psychics can suffer huge anxiety around this issue, including restlessness, being plagued by exhaustion and even guilt and remorse-  questioning that you could have done something different in your sessions.


It’s likely that you will encounter a negative client in your career, whether they sit opposite you with their arms crossed defensively claiming that ‘they don’t feel any different’’ or the road-testers- who bombard you with psychic questions such as ‘how many children do I have?’ Before they believe you are psychic.


Negative clients can cause you to doubt your path and make you feel unworthy of being a healer or a psychic.


Part of your journey with your negative clients is to do the best you can to remain in a state of deep compassion for them, and to try to avoid allowing yourself to be affected by their actions and behaviour.


But what if you’re really struggling and find yourself feeling hammered by one or more negative clients that you feel that you can’t disconnect from?


This article will help you explore 3 quick and easy ways to ensure that you don’t get overwhelmed by clients that are negative and that drain you.


This will help you get really clear about what is your stuff and what is your client’s stuff- and feel more grounded in your own skin – instead of experiencing distress and self-doubt.




1)  Always have some kind of ‘rinsing off’ ritual.



For any healer and psychic this is absolutely vital. Once you have finished doing a reading or a healing, you need to remove yourself from your space and energetically disconnect.


This process, often called rinsing, is where you energetically release any energy you have absorbed during your session and cut off any cords that may have formed.


We are all energy- so its very natural that when we worked on an energetic level with someone we will be susceptible to absorbing their energy.


By rinsing off you are separating yourself from their energy- so you can continue on their journey and you can continue on yours.


For me I really notice when I am lax about rinsing off because I won’t be able to stop thinking of a client, or I’ll be revisiting the session and start feeling uneasy about it.


In the worst case scenarios I have experienced I’ll even start noticing the problems they came to see me for showing up in my own life!


My quickest and easiest rinse off ritual is to take myself outside and standing under the sky and visualise a waterfall of light coming down from above and washing away all that negative energy and taking it into the ground to be transmuted.


Then I use my hands to scissor cut my body- particularly in front of my chakras- thus disconnecting me from them.


2)  Ask your angels to reveal if this is your stuff or theirs.



Quite often when we have had a negative experience with a client, we can really take it personally, and struggle to stop second-guessing ourselves.


One powerful method of putting an end to all this mental anguish is to ask your angels to reveal if this is your client’s ‘stuff’ or if indeed you do need to improve aspects of your healing sessions or readings.


Sometimes we can need to embark on a path to improvement in our sessions, they are a work in progress and we will get better every year that we are a healer or a psychic.


But often a negative client might be this way with more healers and psychics than just you. They may have had a series of challenging experiences with healers and psychics and you are just one of many.


I am very lucky these days that I rarely have a negative client, (and I’ll share with you in my next tip why).


But when I do, I ask my angels to reveal is there something I need to do better- or is it just their projections of healers and psychics?


Often when I’ve done this I’ll suddenly get a random testimonial of someone who says how much they love my psychic courses, or a text message from a regular keen to book in and see me.


This reminds me that I am capable of amazing sessions, and to really sit in that space and just pray for me to absorb this knowledge.


3)  Employ preventative measures to avoid attracting negative clients.




One of my biggest tips in my   How To Be Psychic  course is, I help encourage beginning psychics to start each day with the mantra ‘Only send me clients I can help and heal.’


This powerful tip over the years has been a huge blessings, because its making a contract with the universe and the creator that I only want to attract people that I have the skills and healing abilities to help.


Not every healer or psychic will suit or be able to help every person. In my own personal journey, I have several healers who I work with whenever I need a session.


So to avoid attracting naysayers or clients that you simply won’t be a ‘good fit,’ for – start your day with this mantra to ensure that anyone who reaches out for you services you can help and read for accurately and insightfully.




So by using these tips you can help disconnect from clients that drain you or cause you to doubt yourself.


As always its really important to try to avoid engaging in ego-responses if a client is challenging you- to hold them in a space of love is the best approach for their healing journey and your own.


However if you are struggling with this- then try using these tips to disconnect and keep yourself grounded in your own journey.


Blessings and Love

Sal Jade