How Stepping into Your 'Worthiness' can help you Manifest the Next Stage of Your Life

As spiritual healers, psychics and sensitive earth souls are starting to shift old patterns that prevent you from manifesting what you need in your life to feel more peace and joy, this is a time to ponder this crucial question: "What do I FEEL like I deserve?"

Thinking about what we deserve- a better home, lifestyle, income, love life can all lead to intense suffering because we don't have it yet. 

But Feeling into what we feel like we deserve is a much lighter energy. Feeling that sense of self-worth versus ego-related entitlement is a hugely empowering space to help you manifest the next stage of your life.

If you really don't feel like you deserve a more peaceful house, or a job that brings you more love and fulfillment or a relationship that you are excited to come home to then you can't manifest it no matter how many abundance books and courses you buy. 

You can't trick the universe. If you pray, and say affirmations and write down your deepest desires and ask the universe to bring them to you, you are only taking the first steps. 

The next most important steps is to 'receive' your manifestations and blessings which are more likely to come when you are in a space of receptivity that comes from self-love and really feeling like you deserve better. 


If you petition the angels or the creator for a prayer - and then spend half your day belittling yourself because you are not further along with your goals and where you wish to be in life- you are not helping your guides co-create your dream life. 

You are blocking it. 

So the next time you pray for something be really conscious of your self-talk throughout the day- to ensure a speedy flow of yummy manifesting energy to come your way. 

And when you feel your self-worth being challenged be ready to say - actually I deserve better than this!

This is not being ungrateful- more just taking back your power and self - love.

I deserve an upgrade in my life.

Say it with love- and feel the love come down from the angels as your love for yourself grows everyday.

Big love and blessings

This beautiful Worthiness card hails from Doreen Virtues stunning Mermaid and Dolphins deck which I use in my more serious healing sessions, where we need a solid dose of fun and joy at the end to round it all up! 

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