More than Just Social Proof: Why Testimonials are Vital for Your Wellness Business


If you have been running a spiritual healing business for a while now, there’s do doubt you are aware of the incredible value of giving your clients opportunities to sing your praises.

Whether including your testimonials on your website, getting clients you’ve done readings for posting thank yous on your facebook business page or commenting in someone elses groups about how successful your work has been helping a client – these all serve to let your potential clients know you’ve got the gifts and solutions they need to improve and change their lives.


But something that is frequently overlooked when healers and psychics are holding space for clients to give testimonials is how much an ‘out of the blue’ testimonial will serve as a blessing from the angels or a bunch of 'thank you' flowers whenever you are doubting your path.


I have been building up my Psychic Healing Academy by creating courses for the past 2 years, and experienced long hours of recording, editing, losing all my recordings because I forgot to turn the sound on, running out of battery on my camera, dogs barking, babies next door crying, basically planet-loads of stressful experiences to bring together my life’s work on healing and psychic development.

My flagship course How to Be Psychic took 6 months to create and publish (I naively thought it would take a few weeks!)

At the end of all this hard work, soul expression and creation I have a product I am proud of. And since then I’ve created four other courses with similar journeys of hard work, stress and effort.

However, like all times in our businesses, sometimes sales are slow. For whatever reason- your energy is not attracting the right energy and vibing out new students or its’ February and everyone is paying off their credit cards-

And during these times, you may start to go – am I really on the right path?


I’ve worked so hard to pull off this dream being a professional reader and healer and now the universe is now showering me with any financial compensation.

Was I wrong in thinking this was my path?



Most healers and psychics go through this self-doubt during the slow times, and this is why having a space where clients can give you testimonials can prevent despair and hopelessness from drowning you.


Testimonials give you hope, they remind you that ‘yes, this is my true path!’


Due to a recent pricing change at Udemy where I sell some of my courses, the majority of instructors saw a significant drop in their sales. Some instructors who had 82 courses were noting that they were really struggling. Others reported they hadn’t had one sale of a course in 3 weeks.

I can remember at one stage while reading about all these horror stories on the udemy faculty lounge thinking ‘oh no! my sales have been quite slow this month too. Does this mean it will continue?’

I could feel myself getting panicky, and I had to switch off facebook and concentrate on trying to be grateful for the lives I had changed for the positive, and the sales I had had, even if it was less.

And  just self-doubt was starting to fester I received this on one of my Q&A boards of my Tarot course:

"I've only just begun the course and have completed Ace to Ten of Wands. My impression thus far is very positive, after years of trying off and on to learn the Tarot, I feel like I'm finally gaining a true understanding. Your descriptions really resonate with me over others that I've tried learning from."


When something that kind and thoughtful springs onto your horizon, suddenly you know it's all worth it. Suddenly you just know! Yes! I am on the right path. This may be a slow period but I trust everything will pick up. 


This kind of boost can shift your energy into gratitude so quickly that you start radiating again with the Focus on Service vibe. And for me- when you focus on service the Universe always opens the doors and flows of income returns to my business. 

1) Contacting them yourself (don't be shy, most clients that you have a good connection with are happy to support you) 

2) Having some kind of Q&A or discussion board on your courses, blog posts or youtube videos

3) Promoting your free and paid services in group that allow promotions where you know your clients hang out in. 



Because one day you might be feeling uncertain of the path- and one of these gorgeous heart-felt testimonials could appear that will remind you that you are on the right path.


Blessings and Love


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