How to Manage Lean Times in Your Spiritual Healing Business : A Spiritual Guide to Mastering Financial Challenges

One of the most common challenges that face healers and psychics that feel they are meant to quit their jobs and start a spiritual healing business is the fear of unreliable earnings. 

In the 8 years I have been a Clairvoyant Healer and Pyschic Development Coach I have seen so many gifted, talented and gorgeously-souled healers and psychics who are such profound healers but are stuck in jobs they find meaningless and soul-draining. 

My heart always aches for these clients and students, and I wish I could wave my magic fairy wand and giving them all opportunities for thriving wellness practices where they feel emotionally, financially and spiritually fulfilled offering their gifts and abilities to the planet. 

While I don't have a magic fairy wand (trust me I've been praying for one!) I do have some useful tips that have worked for my clients and students and have worked for me over the years whenever my business has gone through lean times. 

One tips I'd love to share with you today has served me so well over the past 8 years. 

Always remember and Never ever forget the adage of the dearly departed Dr Wayne Dyer: 

There is always a spiritual solution to a problem. 

Always. There just is. 

We might spend years finding it, we might battle it, we might think we are unworthy of it, we might have been disappointed by Spirit, the creator, our angels and the universe before but there is always a spiritual solution. 



Holding tight to this in your mind, in meditation, as your brain fills with How how hows? is vital. 

A recent example happened with my husband's renovation business. 

6 months ago my husband went through the most traumatic experience of his life. His beloved father who he loved more than anything passed away suddenly. 

Being self-employed we had barely said goodbye to the last grieving relative when he had to be back at work. 

Grief-stricken my husband made it through Christmas and when we hit January- bam! 

His business dried up. Completely. He went from being booked up 6 months in advance to nothing. 

I knew his energy wasn't radiating the kind of positive vibes that leads clients to the door and after a month I was starting to worry. 

I knew he needed this time to grieve, reflect and complete this painful experience, but I also knew we would only manage a certain amount of time on one income. 

But thankfully I also knew there had to be a spiritual solution to this problem. 

So I prayed for this. I walked on the beach, I breathed in and out and I said to the universe 'how?'



We hit the end of January and received a $60 increase to our rent a week. Not quite the type of financial miracle I was hoping for! 

I could feel myself going into fear and worry and stress, (and a fair bit ranty with my landlord!) but hilariously I was doing a 'Gratitude Challenge' at the time, so I tried to be grateful for all the cheaper than market rent we had been paying for years and not brood (or send angry letters) 

I happened to bump into our neighbour and expressed my unhappiness (she shares the same landlord and thus the same rental increases) but then still tried to be positive even though it now meant we would be paying significantly more. 

A few days later, I ran into her just before our rent was due and we got chatting about the increase (the whole building was abuzz with it)

Before she departed she casually said, Oh by the way, I checked with my husband about the new rate we will be paying, it is $60 more a week but we're not going to be paying as much as you said a week, only this much. 

To my surprise the amount she mentioned was only $12 more a week than what we were already paying. Taken aback I said, 'but don't we pay the same amount?'

I hurried home and pulled out our new monthly amounts and we compared, and she got out the calculator- and was completely right. 

And it hit me. 

Due to my lack of anything resembling common sense when it comes to mathematics, for the past 5 years I had been paying approximately $50 more a week in rent than I was meant to! 

Trembling I ran into my husband, and we both tried not to get too excited as I rang the real estate to check when our rent was paid up to. 

And he said,' oh wow, you've got some credit here- you're paid up to the 4th May.' 

Suddenly we had 3 months free rent! 

To say we went wild with delight was an understatement. 

It was like someone had given us nearly $10,000 for free (well we had paid for it, but it didn't feel like it now it had been spent!) 


So the fortuitous news meant my husband was able to relax, and have a couple of months off to grieve and we lived in that glorious freedom of 3 months without paying rent. 

And because the universe has a divine sense of timing, two days before our next lot of rent was due he started getting phone calls and now is booked up again until the end of the year. 

He had exactly the amount of time off that the rent was overpaid.

The greatest irony is that if I hadn't mentioned anything to my neighbour - or bumped into her on those occasions I would have been completely ignorant. 

To this day I swear she was my 'spiritual solution.'


So please remember that while being self-employed can be scary when you don't know where income can be coming from, these types of 'spiritual solutions.' do happen when you are taking your path of love and purpose. 


If you find yourself facing a lean time, take the time out to petition the univese, the creator, your angels. 

Say I know I know I know there is is a spiritual solution to thei problem. 

Breathe in and out and feel the sense of peace that it's in the Universe's hands now. 


big love and blessings


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