Why Studying Tarot Online Can Be More Effective

Have you been considering learning to read Tarot Cards but are not sure if you should invest in an online course or do a live workshop?


For years the only way to study tarot was through attending courses live, seeking out a mentor or studying a book.


But today we are lucky enough to have the option to learn how to read Tarot online. But online learning is still relatively new and it’s easy to feel worried that you won’t get the same learning outcomes or benefits studying online as you would get in a live course.


As someone who has taught both live workshops and courses and now runs online tarot courses through The Psychic Healing Academy, I wanted to explore for you the benefits of studying online to help you if you are considering studying tarot or other psychic development courses online.


1)     Allowing yourself all the time you need to absorb the tarot card meanings.


When I was studying to be a teacher at university, one of the first statistics I remember was that during a lecture or a speech we retain 20% or less of the information presented.


So 1 in 5 points that a lecturer or teacher will try to explore will be forgotten within days.


And while you can take notes in a lecture or workshop, chances are even if you revisit these notes to get the gist of the learning points, you can still miss important information.



With this in mind, it’s important to remember that the Tarot is huge. I mean phenomenally huge.


Not only are there 78 cards to master, but most of those cards have multiple interpretations, and can mean different things according to different spreads, questions and positions in the reading.


For example the 9 of pentacles in a career reading often signals success after hard work, and financial rewards coming in so that you are comfortable and your income will continue to grow.


This is obviously a very positive outcome for a business/career reading.


However in a love reading, the 9 of pentacles can be completely different!


Depending on the surrounding cards, it can suggest for a single person looking to meet a partner that perhaps their career might be their focus for a while, that they are building their net wealth so that they can take the time to be in a relationship.


This card acknowledges that sometimes we need to build our nest egg before we can invite someone into our nest.



So while oracle cards can be quickly picked up in a day, the tarot can take months to really master so you feel you’ve got the confidence to give psychic readings and charge for them if you want to take that path.


Now in a live course you only have a certain amount of time to absorb all of this information, whereas in an online course you will most likely have lifetime access, which means you can revisit the lectures whenever you get stuck.


Personally I have attended dozens of courses over the years, and I know that I have retained very little information about what I learned from those courses. Whereas the online courses I have purchased whenever I get stuck, I just log back into my courses and revisit the exact lecture I need.



2)     Access to ongoing support



Something I feel very strongly about in my online courses is providing access to me so I can offer support for my students if they are struggling with their course.


Most people assume that if you study online you are out there on your own.

I know for my students that’s not true at all. I’ve had students who started my course over 2 years ago and have returned to visit it and got stuck on a card reading and been able to email me and I’ve been able to help them.


With a live course you may not have this access to your instructor once the course if finished.


A student with lifetime access will also usually feel more comfortable contacting an online instructor than one from a course they did years ago. They may feel like – well they’re not my teacher anymore, why should they answer a question about something that taught me 2 years ago?


Whereas with lifetime access online teachers know that students can dip in and out of their courses for years, so they can offer that ongoing support.


While most students favour live courses because they know they’ll get more practice opportunities with other students, Facebook groups can now offer students this exact same opportunity.


Both my Tarot Card Success  and How to be Psychic  online courses have private Facebook groups where students who are in the course can exchange readings with each other to build up their confidence.


They can post card spreads and ask for feedback and interpretations, and really build up their confidence with the loving support of the private group.


This can really enhance the learning experience and help students continue to study the tarot for more accurate and detailed readings.


Years ago when I qualified as a ThetaHealing Practitioner, I met one person in the course who I practiced with and really connected with. And that was wonderful because we stayed in touch and supported each other.


When I did Doreen Virtue’s live AI seminar 10 years ago I stayed in touch with 1 or 2 of the students, but over the years we lost touch.


In a private Facebook group, my students connect with hundreds of other students, and have built relationships with so many different students across the world that have lasted years.

So with these types of opportunities online learning can really help you master the tarot and other psychic development topics.


3)     Access to the latest updated information


Now I’ve done a lot of courses over the years, and I can’t remember ever an instructor from one of the live courses I’ve attended emailing me with the latest updates and changes to the courses they have taught me.


However, because I take online courses in graphic design and SEO and other subjects to help my business, my instructors frequently email me the latest information about the subject I am studying.


And I know in my own tarot course over the years I have added more lectures to the course as I delve more into the wonderful world of tarot.


This helps my students not only get access to the latest information and techniques, but also receive additional information to enhance their learning.



4)     Cost Factor- Online Tarot Courses can cost so much less


As someone who has taught both live courses and online, I know the overheads for teaching live courses can be high. Not only does an instructor have to invest in advertising and materials, but they also need to pay to hire a space.


As a result instructors often need to charge hundreds of dollars for a 2 day course just to ensure their expenses are covered.


I used to charge up to $500 for a weekend psychic development course but now I can sell my online courses for only $97 because I don’t need to worry about overheads. I still have to invest in my equipment and have other expenses as well as the months it takes to create, edit and publish my course but I don’t need to charge $500 to cover that.


So now my students can learn what I used to teach in my live courses for less than a quarter of the cost!


5)     Convenience


There’s no denying this is probably one of the best things about studying online- the pajamas syndrome. You can literally sit around in your pajamas and discover how to give accurate psychic readings with the tarot.



You don’t have to take time off work to fit in with a live workshop, you don’t have to pay for parking or public transport.


If it’s a weekly course, you don’t have to worry if you need to miss a week because of another commitment that you’ll miss out on your course material or won’t be getting your money’s worth.

I used to run The Healer’s Path- an 8 week psychic development course every Wednesday night and sometimes due to work commitments birthdays, anniversary’s and other important events some of my students would have to miss 2-3 of the weeks.


With online learning this is never an issue. Even if you are doing an 8 week online course with some live interaction with the instructor, if you miss that week- it will often be recorded so you can go back and revisit it.


And the modules will always be available to view whenever you need them.


So these are some important reasons why you can benefit from studying tarot online, and the opportunities that can present themselves when you are trying to master the tarot either for business or for your own spiritual guidance.


I hope you’ve enjoyed!


Blessings and Love


Sal Jade


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