Tarot Card Meaning of the 6 of Cups- Mastering Your Emotions

What is the Tarot Card Meaning for the 6 of Cups?

And how the spiritual lessons of the Six of Cups help us master our emotional memories? 

The 6 of Cups is a complex card on many levels. 

At a basic level a positive card to receive in a Tarot Card Readings as it symbolises the experience that our heart is opening - or we are engaged in activities and emotional behavior that 'feels good.'

It speaks of a time of emotional stability- and we can all use that!

It evokes nurturing places you have been before that make you feel safe.

It can also speak of nurturing careers such as healers, nurses, teachers or any path that nurtures and helps the paths of other humans. 

Or it can symbolise returning to a a career you feel comfortable in.

In Tarot Card Success, one suggestion I give my Tarot students is that if your client was asking 'What do I need to know about my new job?' it would suggest it will be a nurturing profession that they will feel comfortable in or something that they are already familiar with and will be en easy emotional journey for them. 

The six of cups ultimately reminds you of your 'roots', and it always feels like to me the places/careers/people you return to that help remind you who you are.

A bit like returning to your hometown - or an ex-partner that knew you when you were younger that you now only remember with fondness and not the bad stuff.

Sometimes we need that- it reconnects us to the good thing in life- and reminds us how far we've come.
I also think it teaches us not to take everything so seriously.

What we fret about today may mean nothing in a year.

An up and coming holiday that is stressing us out will be remembered with fondness 5 years from now.

Darker side of the Six of Cups

But the hidden danger of the 6 of cups is to not get too comfortable in these memories- visit them- indulge them- enjoy them- but resist the urge to believe 'there' was better than here.

Or in the cases of ex partners- you might feel maybe he/she could have been The One.

Quite often if we stay stuck in nostalgia we don't get the lessons that we are meant to get from growth- so while emotional stability is a relief- its up to the Wheel of Fortune to come in and remind us that things change for a reason- and to roll with it.

You don't stay stuck in the past- but feel free to pay it a joyful visit is what the six of cups suggests.

So f this card shows up in your reading, know that there is some emotional stability on the horizon, and you are free to indulge it, and give yourself some love with the 6 of cups- but just don't stay too long.


Big Love and Blessings


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