How to Manage Your Time in Psychic and Healing Sessions

One of the biggest challenges that newbie Psychics and Healers face is how to manage their time in their psychic and healing sessions.


Because most healers and psychics tend to be natural givers, we can tend to go over time in our sessions- and this can often lead us to feeling drained, worn out- and even broke!


It also doesn’t help that psychic and healing sessions can be very subjective and personal- so in many cases there won’t always be an ‘instant’ result.


That can lead some nervous beginners to feeling like they need to give even more value and time- just to ensure the client leaves happy.



When I first started out I worked in a shop doing up to 12 tarot readings a day – so it made it easier not to go over if I had someone waiting and my lovely shop assistant heckling me up the stairs if I'd gone over. 



But when we were quiet- or when I did my private readings and healings at home I found I rarely stuck to the time set for and paid for- and over 75% of my readings and healings were going over!


As a result, I was able to fit less people in, and help less people- and struggling to pay my bills.



So, I started using these 4 strategies- and now very rarely to my sessions go over!





1) Set Clear Expectations in All Your Promotions




On your website, Facebook Business Page or wherever you offer your services have a very specific section that states what a half hour, 45 minute or 1 hour session contains (or whatever your times are)


This will give your client clear expectations of how many questions they can expect to get answered, or what results they can expect from a healing session in a certain period of time.


For example, if someone is booking a 30-minute session with you – then it’s going to be challenging to go into details about 3 separate issues for them- say work, finance and relationships.


I suggest on my website that in 30 minutes we focus on 1 specific question they want answered- this allows for the channelling of information and cards. Then if that is covered quite quickly- and appears quite straightforward then we can explore other areas.


However, I do suggest to my psychic development student’s courses- the soul really can only deal with one super big challenge at once.


So, if you have someone who is coming to you and wanting to know everything about their love life, relationship with their boss, their company’s future and whether they should move to Canada- there’s too much going on there.


Our soul journey needs us to master our lessons in perfect time- so I suggest only sticking to a couple of questions to get guidance on – in psychic readings.


As for healings- again- if you are doing a healing modality- try to only focus on 1-2 issues- and allow for them to be healed before moving on to the next layer in the onion.



By giving your clients this realistic expectation in advance they won’t come prepared with a list of 20 questions – and you will avoid your 30-minute session turning into 1 hour!


So, when your clients book in – suggest they read your web page or business page spiel before coming along and you will find that you are less prone to your sessions going over.





2) When you use a timer- set it to go off early.



Using some sort of timer in your session is really important- unless you have a clock on the wall. Even then- it's really helpful to set some type of timer ( I use my iPhone on airport mode)


And then set it to go off early.


I use the following system:

  •  5 minutes early if it’s a 30 minute session
  • 7 minutes early for a 45 minute or 1 hour’s session
  • 10-15 minutes early for a 90-minute session.


While you certainly don’t need to be that precise- setting the timer to go off early gives you the chance to wrap things up – and reiterate what has already been said and worked on and provide extra clarification.


It also reminds you to stay on point– as sometimes healings and psychic readings can become very chatty as we find ourselves building rapport with our gorgeous clients and connecting deeply to them.


I can channel for hours in a session so I really need that reminder. The first session I ever did was meant to be for 1 hour and went for 2.5 hours!


From that day forth I used a timer and eventually set it early to go off to prevent me going over.



It also gives your clients a chance to recognise that time is ‘nearly up’ or ‘up’ which gives them a time frame too- as often sessions and readings can just fly by!



But won’t your client be put off that your timer is going off early?



Surprisingly, in all the years I have been doing this- I’ve never had anyone complain.


Most likely because I do keep the session going. Occasionally someone will glance at their watch or phone in surprise but I have never had to explain myself because the session is still going



This technique will save you from getting to the end and then spending another 10 minutes wrapping up or providing additional clarification.



3)- Manage Follow up questions with Boundaries and Diplomacy




Now follow up questions can be tricky- because sometimes your client has just forgotten what you said and needs reminding.


Remember that when attending a lecture we only generally retain 20% of the information we hear- so it can be challenging to recall everything we were told in a psychic reading or healing consultation.


So if your client emails or texts you asking about further clarification about the reading on everything you covered- it’s recommended to reply as soon as you can if it’s convenient.


However, follow up questions can also be Cheeky Free Reading Digging  so you do need to be conscious when you are starting out that this can be a challenge you face in this industry.


For example- say you have pulled some tarot cards that reveal to your client that they are possibly going to meet someone new to date in the next 12 months.


Now obviously your client is pleased (if they want to meet someone new) and they leave feeling optimistic.


Now say they contact you a few days later with a question like:


Hi! You know how you saw that I would be meeting someone new soon- do you us getting get married and having children? And if so, how many children will we have- and when do you see us getting married?;


These are common examples of Cheeky free readings.


Again, we can’t get cranky about our clients doing this- it’s very natural. However questions about having children and getting married are a separate issue. And may need more guidance, awareness, healing and most of all time!


The diplomatic way of answering this question could be:


Thanks for reaching out to me! At this point I feel it’s best just to concentrate on sitting with the information you got from this reading and allowing it to unfold.


Then if in a few month time you still have questions – then come and see me for another reading!


This is not being pushy to force them to come for another reading- it’s just subtly letting them know that this is a question that needs the time of another reading.


So with follow up questions don’t be afraid to set some boundaries to prevent giving a free reading and ending up not being compensated for your time and effort. 



4- Constantly work on your self-worth and value as a Healer and a Psychic.




I left this old chestnut for last because in my experience it it THE most vital in helping you to manage your time with your psychic readings and healing sessions.


In  Boost Your Psychic Gifts with EFT , I often talk about one of the biggest challenges that stops healers and psychics from really stepping into financial success is that we don’t feel like we are good enough to charge.


Please be rest assured that even the most experienced intuitive can wobble about this.


There’s multiple reasons why we don’t trust ourselves to deliver a fantastic and empowering session to our clients- and I do suggest that if you have embarked on the journey of being a professional healer and psychic – you do need to constantly work on yourself if this issue comes up for you.


So how do we get ourselves to the point where we feel good enough to charge and feel comfortable with what we are charging so we don't go over time?


The notion of ‘finding your value’ can have many implications- and there is a lot spoken about this in the online entrepreneur world.


But one quick way of testing is this: 


 When you have finished a session – does it feel good?


Do you feel like that was a fair payment?


Are you happy with it?


Checking in with your own feelings about the matter is often a lot more beneficial than worrying about what everyone says something should cost.


And how many of these do you need to do to live comfortably is another great question.


Being a psychic or healer doesn’t have to mean being in constantly financial distress- but it can be that if you are not managing your timing in your sessions.


As I mentioned,- it’s an ongoing journey- after 9 years I still find myself using all these techniques if I go into a wobble-fest.


The following techniques work really well for me when I am challenged by my self-worth and money when giving psychic readings and healing sessions: 


  1. EFT tapping is a great way to shift out those blockages,
  2. praying with your spirit guides,
  3. Asking for additional angel help
  4. Checking in with your past lives to see if you are holding any stories from former lifetimes about charging money for your services.


So, do a bit of self-reflection about your self worth as a healer and a psychic- and you will find that you get so much more comfortable with your boundaries and managing the timing in your sessions


You will trust that you are giving a session that is for yours and your clients best and highest good!



I hope these 4 strategies have helped you manage your timing with your psychics and healing sessions.


Remember to always be gentle with yourself- it is an ongoing journey- there is no one single magical formula- experiment until you find what works for you!


Big love and blessings


Sal Jade

The Psychic Healing Academy


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