3 Best Books for Improving Intuition That Have Nothing to do with Psychic Development

As a Clairvoyant Healer I am constantly recommending books to my clients to help heal blockages and negative patterns.


As a Psychic Development Coach however it's more challenging for me to recommend books to my students because so much of my psychic healing journey has been self-taught or come through workshops and courses. 

While I have dabbled in some psychic development books, most of the books I read that have improved my intuition are nothing to do with this topic.

I often find when it comes to opening up your intuition that a holistic approach of activating multiple parts of the human experience is a huge benefit.

I also love discovering new ways to open up my intuition without even trying! 

So I wanted to share my 3 top books that I read regularly that help me open up my psychic skills without conscious effort. 


The first one is The Healer’s Code by Alex Loyd and Ben Johnson



This book absolutely blew my soul out of the atmosphere when I read it. It’s a gorgeous fusion of science and spirituality that actually can make you feel your heart that every challenge in your life is going to be ok.


I have also used the codes when I have been physically ill- and found it’s improved my sinuses and throat within minutes. I can even hear the difference in my throat when I say the truth focus statements.


I mainly use the code to focus on money and self-worth- so if this is ever an issue for you, I can highly recommend it.


However because The Healing Code helps you drop into your heart and release old heart baggage- you will find that your intuition opens up becasue suddenly you are not hearing all the 'noise' in your head anymore! 

It's like that gorgeous intuitive voice has a chance to shine- and not only are you feeling more relaxed and centred- but you recognise trust and that loving voice and feel more comfortable with it's presence! 

I always find whenever I am working the codes my downloads and psychic insights are super accelerated! 

My only warning is that try to do it every day. (or at least consistently when you are feeling the most challenged.)


Also be prepared that if the pattern is particularly stubborn you will find a million reasons to procrastinate on putting the theory into practice (cleaning the bathroom anyone?)


The best results of the codes is that I find myself more trusting of my place in the universe and more in tune with everything around me- which of course- improved my psychic readings!




 The Artist’s Way.




The second big recommendation that I love love love is The Artists Way by Julia Cameron. This book has changed my life on so many levels, and has every time I do the process within in- my intuition becomes so gorgeously aligned with my journey! 


It’s a 12 week course within the book which takes about roughly 1 hour a week- and oh does it open you up to Spirit, Source and Universe!


Julia Cameron explores the relationship between spirituality and creativity and comes up with such yummy affirmations such as ‘Through the Use of my Creativity I serve God and There is a Divine Plan of Goodness for my Work.


For anyone who experiences bliss from any kind of artistic endeavour The Artists way is an absolute pleasure. I recommend it to all my clients whose souls are starving for some expression, especially those stuck in jobs that they find meaningless.


Nearly every time I do The Artists Way- usually by week 3 I am channelling books and art like crazy.


I also become very present and aware of the beautiful world around me and my inner child feel well and truly pampered!


As a result I start seeing more creative solutions for my problems and my intuition gets really strong. Those hunches get really loud and clear.




Return to Love by Marianne Williamson



The Third book that opens up my psychic gifts without trying is Return to Love by Marianne Williamson.


There is no book in the world that can bring me into such a deep space of love and feeling connected to all that is than this book.

Marianne takes the Course of Miracles and makes it easy, joyous and a pleasure to read.

I have this one by my nightstand all highlighted, and when I am in a dark place I pick it up and go through a few pages to reconnect me with my purpose and my soul’s truth as a human being.

This of course makes me a much more wiser and empathic healer and clairvoyant- so my readings improve! (I also slow down a lot and focus on the important stuff- which helps open my third eye rapidly!)


I also find that when I am reading this I tend to go into a glorious trance like heart-space just before my psychic readings which really improves the connection between my client and I. 



So there’s 3 of my top biggies that I love to help me improve my intuitive gifts! 

 I hope you have some fun with them 

Big love and Blessings,

Sal Jade 


The Psychic Healing Academy


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