5 Ways to Connect with Your Tarot Cards for more Accurate Readings

There are so many Big Rules about how to read Tarot Cards. And for most beginning Tarot Card Readers, its so easy to get overwhelmed by all the many conflicting opinions about how to build a connection with your cards so you can give more ACCURATE psychic readings.

Anyone who has ever done any of my psychic courses knows I am not a big fan of dogmatic rules and I start to wear my cranky face if I get lectured on 'The REAL Way and people who claim they are THE REAL Thing

This kinda makes me almost giggle because when I hear someone ranting and raving about how 'real' they are I know that if they gave me a psychic reading, and I were to contradict them they would probably start yelling at me!

Not a very soulful empowering experience!


In my 8 years of experience as a reader, a healer and an instructor, when it comes to giving readings and healings, it's a feeling game- we should do what feels good to us as long as we are not harming others.



That's my only biggie.

However there are ways that you can build a connection with your cards that are quick and easy and most importantly are BY CHOICE. You won't be considered a fraud or an imposter or a bad tarot reader if you choose not to do them.



1) Treat your cards like a treasured and favourite object.


Just like a child treats their most revered teddy, Tarot cards function on energy- your energy, your clients energy- and if they are tossed about and gather dust, or not respected, they could give you back some cloudy readings.

Special Bags?

I am often asked in my tarot courses, 'Do I need to buy a special bag for my tarot cards?'

Again there is no rule about his- the world won't fall apart if you don't, however if it creates a feeling of comfort, of ritual, of respect to house your babies in a beautiful velvet pouch or something similar then do it.

Mine are contained in a little black silk pouch with a handy drawstring that I can pack them away in my travel bag when I'm away and quickly identify them on my shelf from the dozens of other oracle card decks I have.

Black is good for protection, green and pink are good for love. Whatever colours you love I would suggest! I bought mine because I loved the pretty little embroidered design on the front.


So take the wisdom of the Lovers card and make choices from the heart. If you 'feel' good having a pretty little pouch, buy a pretty little pouch!


2) Always clear the deck before readings

Ok ok I said no rules- but this is just one that applies to all readings and healings. Anything where energy is being exchanged such as a healing space, a reading room, reading cards, a crystal ball all need to be cleared of former energies so that they can attune to the new person who is being read for.

We are all energy so it makes sense that every time we touch something we leave an energetic print on it. This is why it's so important to cleanse crystals after someone has touched them, and it's a great idea to sage and cleanse your reading and healing spaces between clients.

For me I hold my deck over a candle, wave a bit of incense over it and knock on it 3 times.

If I'm feeling that the deck still isn't really 'feeling' right, I will go through the entire deck and separate it into piles of three just to clear out any excess energy.

For you, coming up with some kind of clearing the deck ritual will go a long way to building a deep connection with your cards because you are the reader! The cards will recognise you and your energy.


3) Give them some space.

Now I might get laughed out of town on this one, but I honestly believe my readings benefit when I take a break sometimes from using my tarot deck and play with other decks.

While there are some readers who have the same deck for years and only read with that deck, my tarot deck isn't the jealous type- so when I decide to play with some oracle cards in my readings or bring in another deck like the Psychic Tarot, I feel like I return to my original Rider Waite fresh and excited to see what it will deliver!

It's like coming home to an old friend and being comforted by their familiarity.

4) Use your deck regularly.

Returning to point 2 as we are energy, by connecting with your deck regularly you are reinvigorating it with your energy. If you buy a tarot deck and it sits on your shelf gathering dust for years it may be difficult to get the accuracy that you are hoping for in your readings.

The more you use tarot the more competent you become. So even if you are just pulling it out once a month and asking 'what do I need to know right now?' and pulling one card, you are establishing contact with your beautiful deck and letting it know you still love it.


5) Touch your cards


In my online course Tarot Card Success one of the first lessons I teach when helping my students give more accurate readings is to touch your cards.

While you are talking to your clients or even when reading for yourself, touching your cards can convey a huge amount of new information that goes well beyond what you can learn in a book on tarot card meanings.

Messages can be channelled through so much more fluently if we are touching the images on the cards.

Psychometry, the ability to touch objects like photos and rings and receive messages, is not one of the psychic gifts I possess, and I have never been able to do it.

But with my angel cards and tarot cards, whenever I touch them while I am giving a reading my claudaudience sparks up, and I will often hear more information and channelled messages for my clients beyond the card's normal meaning.

So always touch the cards while you are giving readings, to connect with them and receive additional info to help your clients with the accuracy of your messages.


So if you are just starting off reading tarot and feeling overwhelmed by all the DO's and DON'Ts remember, they are YOUR cards and you can build your relationship to them however you like.

As long as you are not harming anyone, play with your rituals, and discover your own unique way of connection with your tarot cards.

Blessings and Love

Sal Jade


PS If you would love to discover more about how to read tarot at a more advanced level check out this short video for my 10 Week Advanced Tarot program in April! : 

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