7 Tips for Healers to Preserve Your Energy on Facebook

Most healers and psychics know how vital it is have psychic protection before working with clients to protect yourself from negative energy, but what about when you are scrolling and posting on Facebook?

It’s easy to forget that engaging and connecting with someone on Facebook isn’t so different energetically than seeing them in person.


After all, a healer can offer a distance healing and a psychic can do a psychic reading without that person being present just by tuning into their energy.


So it makes sense that Facebook can provide just as many opportunities to be subject to psychic attack and having your energy affected by Facebook friends and groups that you are participating in.


This article will explore 7 tips to ensure your energy is preserved while you are on Facebook so you don’t get wiped out, burnt out and exhausted! 



1)     Avoid turning your phone on first thing in the morning.


While we sleep we are allowing our unconscious to bring to the surface everything we need to heal and process. Therefore often we can wake we can up inundated with fears and worries, and it takes a lot of discipline to pivot our early morning thoughts to positively charged joy thoughts.


Unfortunately when we turn our phone on, it’s the equivalent of telling your brain ‘right, its time to work now!’


A recent Ted talk explored how neuroscientists are discovering when the brain uses a smart phone late at night, it has no idea that you are meant to be winding down and preparing for sleep.


Our minds get triggered to believing we are still at work!


The same neural process is triggered first thing in the morning. Rolling over and turning on your phone and scrolling through Facebook is the equivalent of firing upyour laptop in bed as soon as your eyes open and starting to work!




The other morning I woke early for my beautiful early morning walk, and ignored my own rule by switching on the phone and scrolling through the FB feed.


A fellow instructor who teaches on the platform I sell my courses on raised a concern about a new policy our platform was implementing and bam! I was hooked.


I had to read everyone’s comments. I got caught up in the drama. I even had to post my two cents worth.


And did I enjoy my morning walk? Nope.


My head was full of silly worries about how this new policy would affect my biz. So already my day got off to a bad start and I had to come home and do some healing on myself to wire my brain back to the land of the positive.


The same rule applies at night. Try to disengage from Facebook a couple of hours before bedtime if you can to remind your brain that you are settling in for the night and there’s nothing more to think about or engage in now.


And instead of turning your phone on straight away set yourself a morning ritual like writing in your journal, meditation, yoga, a morning walk (without phone!) or even a shower is better than diving straight into the Facebook feed.



2)     Don’t engage in political and controversial posts


This might seem so obvious you are right now scrolling past it, but seriously- the second you stop to offer a political opinion on a controversial subject, you are getting caught in the Facie Spider web.


You’ll be battling the ego’s natural disposition to get all fired up and prove itself right and getting challenged by a bunch of other egos.


This is not creating juicy vibes for your precious energy. It’s doing the opposite. It can make you defensive, irritated and complain for the rest of the day.


And it’s really difficult to disconnect from the energy of those who are frothing at the mouth at the latest news.



A mother in my local area recently started a networking group for mums to actually meet in person (oh my god!!!) to counteract all the negative attacking going on in mum’s groups on Facebook because she acknowledged that most people won’t say things to people’s faces that they say on Facebook.


Even within some of my own groups which are for healers and psychics, I’ve seen some vitriol and arguments spin out of control that I’m sure never would have got so far if the people involved had been face to face.

So keep your beautiful energy clear and avoid the frothers, you don’t need it.



3)     Be conscious if you are being asked for advice


No-one likes sanctimonious advisors- and healers can tend to be a little sanctimonious at times. (myself included! )


Sometimes we think when someone is posting about an experience or giving a tip they are asking to be inundated with advice.


A friend of mine recently offered a tip in a big entrepreneur group about overcoming challenges in her biz and how she recently had shifted something, and received a barrages of well-meaning advice about the law of attraction and how she must have attracted the experience she was talking about because of her energy.


Now most of us know that energy is what affects our lives, but being constantly reminded of it can be a little tedious.


If someone has posted something and you feel you know what’s going on- before replying double check by re-reading the post and see if you feel they are really asking for advice. The last thing you want is spending 20 minutes of your valuable time only to irritate someone!



4)     Avoid alcohol when posting


I am a big fan of a cheeky bubbles and a vino to celebrate but if you have been heavily drinking, it’s best to avoid posting because alcohol can dull your senses and cloud your beautiful intuition.

Not only could you accidentally insult someone (the way we phrase words can be misinterpreted in a gazillion ways!) but you could also make a silly typo that will make your sentence sound totally opposite from what you are trying to say.

And when you have been drinking you are more likely to get all fired up about silly arguments that really just waste your time and expose you to the negative energy of facebookers who love to get all fired up.


5)     Have at least one Facebook free day a week


As someone who uses Facie for my biz, this has become vital for preserving my energy. And I’ve had to be really strict on myself about it!  

At least one day a week I leave the scrolling and posting behind and disconnect. Otherwise I can feel that addiction to get back in the feed and see who’s posting what and who’s liked and commented on my posts.

And I know it’s not good for my energy to be so wired in like that!

So give yourself one day a week where you have a break. Your body and energy will thank you for it!


6)     Just ask!


When signing into Facebook on your phone or desktop, treat it the way you wouldjust the same as you would entering a busy crowd and ask for psychic protection from your guides and angels.


Pull out your crystals and say all your fave little psychic protection prayers before engaging in a big juicy Facebooking session.

Even a quick cuddle of a block tourmaline or a hasty prayer of ‘angels please protect me,’ will do it.

This way you ensure you are not taking on any energy of anyone whose posts and comments you happen to see.



7)     Don’t feel like you have to rescue everyone on Facebook if you are feeling vulnerable yourself.


Nearly every psychic and healer I know suffers from this one. That compulsive need to fix and rescue others that are experiencing trauma or anxiety.


And it’s a noble compulsion. The problem is that if you too are experiencing your own dark night of the soul, or are worn out and exhausted then you will just be giving from an empty cup.


In Build Your Spiritual Business from a Budget  I try to help my students create space in their lives away from their day job as healers and psychics are prone to being eternally switched on.


Be generous in your offerings when you see peeps are in trouble, but know your limits.


Recently I was working an 11 hour day to complete some tasks for my biz and fighting a cold when I saw a post from a woman desperate because she felt like she had tried everything and her life wasn’t getting any better.





I knew I had lots of well meaning advice and suggestions to offer her but I was literally too exhausted to engage. I badly needed to sleep, but felt guilty that I wasn’t offering my services and experience to her.


After checking that 10 others had offered some lovely suggestions, I thought I would just switch off the phone and switch off for the day. Me getting involved may have helped her, but it would have probably meant I was typing away for half an hour and not getting to sleep.


So know when to engage and when you need to switch off to preserve your energy to read and heal for another day!


I hope these tips have helped you protect your energy while you are on Facebook!


 Facebook is an amazing tool to connect and learn and grow but if you are using it regularly, especially for your business as a healer and a psychic, you may find yourself exposed to all sorts of energy that can drain and exhaust you.


By following these little tips you can hopefully avoid this and enjoy using Facebook without feeling worn out.



Blessings and Love




PS. If you want loads of other great tips for looking out for yourself as a healer and psychic come and join The Psychic Healing Hub