Moving Forward with the Six of Swords

Often on our spiritual journey we need to experience challenges to grow. The Tarot is a profound tool for identifying which issues we need to heal, and how to heal them.

The Tarot is filled with cards which represent life challenges; 5 of swords (despair and conflict) The Devil (Temptation and Addiction) and the Moon (The Shadow).

As a healer, it's helpful to encourage clients in psychic readings to view these cards as powerful lessons which will lead to growth and opportunity, instead of falling victim to the pain and suffering that can accompany these experiences.

The 6 of Swords however, is essentially a positive card which holds profound lessons because it symbolises a period of moving away from your past, and heading into calmer waters. It prophesises the end to a difficult cycle in your life and because your mind is more settled you will now easily recognise synchronicities and manifest more easily in your life.

When my clients draw this card I know this hails a positive period where they are will experience a more peaceful journey after the mental conflict of the 5 of swords.

However, the crucial key to a cruisy and graceful transition from the mental conflict of the 5 is to ensure that you are not taking your past with you.

Learning to discern between the past and the present can be a lifelong challenge because our cellular memories record trauma from childhood and later years, and we can hold onto these experiences so tightly they become our truth.

As a result, when an experience pops up in our adult lives which replicates this childhood situation, our cellular memories fire up, we panic, we launch straight into fear mode, and suddenly the overwhelming need to control the situation can drag us straight back into the despair and mental conflict of the 5 of swords.

So in essence, the 6 of swords represents the age-old adage- You are not your past.

Recognising how your past experiences impact upon your present circumstances is one of the greatest gifts you can offer yourself. However, as I often assure my clients, there is no need to re-live the past in every gritty detail, as this can lead to further trauma. Just acknowledging the links between a past experience and your present behaviour is powerful enough to begin the healing process.

For example, today I drew the 6 of Swords as my card for the day and I had to laugh at this gentle reminder to allow myself to move forward into the calmer waters without the burden of the past.

As a child, I attended 13 primary schools, and I know as a result of this, I have some issues around moving and houses.

Recently my family and I have been organising a holiday, and trying to book accommodation on the other side of the country. Since we all live in different locations, this has required much texting, facebooking and emails to try to decide where to stay.

Yesterday, my ego-self got all riled up and ready for fisty cuffs when I realised that even though I had done all the research for the property we were looking at renting, my sister would be arriving first, and would get the big master bedroom with its own separate wing and balcony.

I felt a mixture of anxiety and resentment that I would end up organising everything and because my husband and I would be arriving a day later, we would most likely get the least opulent room.

My mind filled with childish statements like 'it's not fair,' and 'stuff them, they can organise it if they want the best room,' and other equally spiritually enlightened commentary.

I even snapped at my mother to, 'just forward the quote to her (my sister) and she can deal with it,' when my mum was asking me to reply to the quote.

Funnily enough, I know if this were a group of friends, I would be cruiser about who slept where, and just be grateful that we are all seeing each other and getting to spend time together in a beautiful house.

But with my family it turned into an internal boxing ring- me versus mum and the winner fighting my sister!

This morning I felt myself able to step back and allow the situation to just play itself out. I recognised (with humour!) that I was just re-enacting my childhood, where I would often experience great anxiety whenever we moved to a new home, fretting that my sister would get the better room. Because we moved so often, this was a regular fret-a-thon.

Once I was able to do this, and realise that my cellular memoires were regressing me to child-like behaviour, I could forgive the situation, let it go and allow myself to move into the smoother waters.

By drawing the 6 of Swords the universe was symbolising to me that as an adult, my lodgings are secure, I am taken care of, and all is well, and I no longer need to worry about getting a bodgy room.

I did a quick healing session on myself and was able to release these ego-mad feelings and thoughts.

If you find yourself reacting with resentment and fear to a situation, and you don't know why, there are plenty of alternative therapies which can assist in this process: Tapping, ThetaHealing, and Reiki are all great for shifting these unhealthy patterns and beliefs.

But even if you take time out for five minutes to examine why you are behaving or reacting in a certain way to a frustrating situation, and try to find the link to your past, you will shine awareness on the issue, and this will begin the healing process.

As always you can also in the angels to help if you are feeling stuck, using the following prayer.

Beloved angels,

Please help me understand why I am feeling so resentful, angry and fearful about this situation. Please shine a light on what areas I need to heal, so I may never experience this again.

Thank you- it is done it is done it is done.

So today allow yourself the freedom of accepting that all is well in your life, and like the 6 of Swords, embrace a more calm future without the burdens of your past dragging you down.

Blessings and Love,

Sal Jade