Sal is now taking enrolments for her 10 Week Advanced Intuitive Tarot program- starting 20th April, 2018

This program is brimming with Group Coaching Sessions, over 30 hours of Advanced Tarot Content and hundreds of dollars worth of psychic training bonuses!

It sold out last year so if you are interested in reading Tarot at an advanced level and building a business as a Tarot Reader click below to find out more: 

I want to find out more about Sal's 10 Week Advanced Intuitive Tarot Program


Grow Your Angel Wings with Sal Jade

Sal Jade is a gentle, compassionate Clairvoyant Healer and Psychic Healing Coach in who can help you shift blockages to happiness and grow your angel wings with her Clairvoyant Healing Sessions and Psychic Healing courses with The Psychic Healing Academy.



Are you ready to remove old unwanted patterns and limiting beliefs that have led to repeated drama and chaos in your life?

Would you love a gentle nurturing way to remove attachments to negative people and situations that no longer serve you

Have you been struggling to release grief and trauma and connect with your own spiritual power to heal yourself?


Contact Sal for one of her unique Clairvoyant Healing Sessions or Psychic Readings to release old blockages to happiness and step into your full potential in this lifetime.

Sal's healings and readings are non-judgmental, gentle and can help you feel more positive and empowered about challenges and obstacles in your life.


Psychic Healing Academy

Discover how to contact your angels and spirit guides, learn to give accurate tarot and oracle card readings and remove any blockages to your psychic power by enrolling in one of Sal Jade's highly acclaimed courses from the Psychic Healing Academy


Tap into your psychic gifts with Sal’s psychic development course

How to be Psychic: Preview of Psychic Development Course on Udemy Discover easy techniques to improve your clairvoyant readings and open your intuition.

 Click here to directly access the course

Thanks so much for your amazing course Sal. I have enjoyed it more than I ever dreamed possible. You are a natural teacher and It’s wonderful to know you. Thanks for sharing in such an authentic way.
The day after the healing (and sometimes immediately after) I feel a sense of calm and strength in my core. She is accurate in her readings and down to earth with the process. Sal is an intuitive and able to pinpoint the beliefs that are causing anxiety, explain the connection to the anxiety, then removes them. I highly recommend Sal!
My partner and I have been to two consultations each with Salona. These we experienced as some of the most magnificent life changing experiences...the consultations were both extensive and throroughly explained..the effects were instantaneous and both of us could tell that there were changes happening within us and around us.